******* Orchard Meet scheduled for April 12 postponed to May 12 due to blizzard warnings ************

Jan 21 – Added Peru Meet, Orchard AAU meet forms
Feb 5 – Added Class A, B, D and Midlands Warrior meet infoJan 26 – Added Class C Meet
Jan 20 – updated Peru meet and added Orchard meet info
Nov 15 – added Prairie Life and Lexington meet entry forms
Feb 12 – added Class C and Class D Entry forms
Dec 26 – Added Orchard AAU, Capital City Clash, and State Games of America information
Nov 6 – Added Lexington and Peru State Entry Forms
OCt 11 – Added Omaha Open Entry Form
April 19 – Added Peru State and Orchard Results, CSG Entry
Jan 3 2014 – Added Peru Entry, Class D Date, Orchard Entry
Oct 7 – Added Omaha Open and Lexington Entry forms
March 23 РAdded Class C State Championship  and Wheeler Central ResultsFeb 9 РAdded Class C, Class D, USAPL State meet entry forms, 2013 Peru State Results
Dec 22 – Added 2013 Peru State and Wheeler Central Info and Entry forms
Oct 19 – Added AV Sorenson and Lexington High School Meet infoJune 1 – Added CSG Entry info
March 17 – Posted the Peru State and Class C Meet results, added Power in the Panhandle Entry FormFeb 18 – Added Girls Inc Women’s only Powerlifting Entry
Feb 1 – Added Nebraska Class C Entry
Oct 5 – Added Big Iron Entry
Sept 7 – Added AV Sorenson meet entry
April 5 – Added Orchard Meet Results and updated Meet Listing
March 25 – Added Powerlift in the Panhandle Meet information
Feb 12 – Added Class C and Class D Meet information
Jan 7 – Added Wheeler Central, Peru State, and Orchard Meet info
March 6 – Updated Events
Jan 27 – Updated Events
Nov 28 – Updated Events and results added Links Page

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